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Experts Statements

Haig Balian, Director of Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam, supports the Yerevan Zoo

On April 29th, Ruben Khachatryan, the new Director of Yerevan Zoo, held his first press conference in the zoo. A guest of the event was Haig Balian, Director of Amsterdam Royal Zoo ARTIS. The purpose of Haig Balian’s visit was to meet with Ruben Khachatryan in order to officially establish the partnership between Amsterdam Zoo and Yerevan Zoo.


Zoo Planner Bernard Harrison about the transformation of the Yerevan Zoo

In July 2011 the world famous zoo planner Bernard Harrison visited the Yerevan Zoo to develop the design for a new big cat enclosure. Bernard Harrison has been in the zoo business for 37 years. His last position was as the CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), one of the finest and most profitable zoological institutions in the world. In 2002 he set up Bernard Harrison and Friends Ltd, a specialist design company focusing on the development and sustainable operation of zoological and botanic gardens, national parks and eco-tourism attractions.