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One of the projects of the Yerevan Zoo Education Center is the Eco Club. The aim of the Yerevan Zoo Eco Club is to promote environmental education in Armenia. The club, designed for children aged 10-15, offers environmental education, garbage art and paper recycling classes. Through these classes the children learn to create new and interesting things from garbage, collect scrap paper, to recycle it in an easy and simple way to make handmade postcards and certificates for example.

During the environmental science classes the children study issues like the various types of pollution, its influence on ecosystems, on the environment and on human health.

The Eco Club members also participate in many events; animal carnival, eco-expos, garbage art exhibition, etc. These events strengthen their knowledge and their capacity to apply it in practice.

Special attention is paid to children in need and children with disabilities. The Yerevan Zoo Eco Club cooperates with orphanages as well as with boarding and special schools. Every month the Eco Club members accompanied by their teachers attend a previously chosen institution and hold special classes. Such activities give the children an opportunity to convey their knowledge to their peers. The pupils of the orphanages, boarding and special schools use the acquired knowledge in practice and take part in events organized by the Eco Club.

90 minute-long classes are held twice a week in the Yerevan Zoo Eco Club. This continuous approach helps the children to engage and take part in different classes, events, exhibitions, as well as to use the acquired knowledge in their every-day life.

The final aim of the project is to educate the Eco Club members to become responsible and careful towards the environment and nature.

Eco Club members have the opportunity to:

·         Initiate and organize environmental activities and events

·         Collect waste paper and plastic

·         Take part in environmental campaigns

·         Participate in tree plantings and waste collection

·         Use only 100% recycled paper

·         Save electricity and water

·         Cooperate with other school children

·        Promote the integration of children in need and children with disabilities into society

·        Acquire environmental knowledge and integrate in their day to day behavior

The project is being implemented by the Foundation for Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) and Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Armenia.

For more information please call (010) 562-362 or send an e-mail to edu@yerevanzoo.am.

20 Myasnikyan str.

0025 Yerevan, Armenia