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The Hyena and the Swing

What happens when something out of the ordinary appears in the daily life of the Hyena?

For example, if the Hyena sees that a swing is hanging in its open enclosure, there is little chance that it will pay attention even to its most favorite snack.

This activity provides necessary physical and mental enrichment benefits for the Spotted Hyena, which appears in the IUCN Red List of Animals in the category of “Least Concern”.


The Red-Eared Slider: Not Always Slow Moving

As unexpected as it is, the hero of this video is the red-eared slider moving swiftly among the fishes. This one received its name from the big red dot under its eye. The red-eared slider is sharing this aquarium with the Spotted gar, the Tiger catfish, the Red-bellied piranha, the Black ghost knifefish, the Tire track eel, and the Catfish. It is not a coincidence that all these different types of fish live in the same aquarium; here, they enjoy an environment which closely resembles their natural habitat.

Most of the fish in this aquarium are aggressive and become increasing active during the night. But even the aggressive behavior of the other fish does not stop the Red-eared slider (in this case not so slow moving) from snatching its share of food.


Yerevan Zoo Animals play with Boomer Balls

Lately Yerevan Zoo has acquired eight so called Boomer Balls from abroad for the Zoo animals. These special balls serve as toys for the Asian Elephant, Siberian Tiger, Lynx, Leopard, Hippopotamus, Bear and other animals. The balls of different sizes are not only extremely solid, but also made from a special material harmless for animals.

For already one and a half year Yerevan Zoo implements an enrichment program and the Boomer Balls have been obtained within this project. As a result of the program the animals in Yerevan Zoo have become more active and cheerful. The Zoo staff members are doing their best to organize activities for the animals enabling them to display natural behavior. The enrichment methods were first applied in Yerevan Zoo during the animal feedings for example in the tiger enclosure by hanging the food on a hook fixed four meters above ground. At first it was hard for the Siberian Tigers to jump and catch the meat, but in a short period of time they have overcome the difficulty and can reach the meat easily now- explains chief zoologist Anna Asaturyan. A special enrichment method is used for each species. The same games are played once in 3 weeks, so as to give the animals the opportunity to look for food by doing physical and mental work. “To hide food from Siberian Tigers we use fir branches and put the meat in a pumpkin, a box, inside snow, etc. And for the Royal Bengal Tiger we fix a sack filled with grass at a metal spring – noted Arpine Shahbazyan, a staff member of the Science and Education Department of the Zoo. The Head of the Predators Department Yunona Khanzadyan notices changes in the animals’ behavior and believes that the animals have become more active after the enrichment program has been launched. In the frame of the enrichment program special activities for lions, the hyena, as well as for some monkey species, like Hamadryas Baboon, Papio cynocephalus, Varecia varieqata, and Macaca mulatta were developed.

The implementation of the animal enrichment program and ongoing education of our specialists are mandatory requirements for becoming a full member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). Currently being a candidate member of EAZA gives Yerevan Zoo access to a huge international network and to gain capacity and skills in different spheres: Zoo planning and management, protection and rehabilitation of endemic species, improvement of animal welfare, animal enrichment, and environmental education. Projects in all these fields are currently implemented by the management and the staff.



Celebrate New Year with a living symbol

Every year on Christmas Eve Armenia’s forests are in an unprotected state, and thousands of pine trees are lost due to illegal logging: Yerevan Zoo offers a natural tree for you to enter the New Year with: Why cut if you can rent or buy a natural living Christmas tree at the affordable price, it can be a wonderful Christmas gift for your loved ones for only 25,000 AMD lease cost, or purchase it for 40,000AMD. Everyone will have the opportunity to choose their tree at the Zoo and the delivery of the tree to the Yerevan region is free. The proceeds from the trees will be used towards the care of the animals at the Zoo. For details, call 093-689-883 or 010-562-262. You will receive a sheet detailing how to take care of the tree. Leased trees need to be returned by January 15th, purchased trees can be donated to any school or planted in your own back garden in Spring.


The Ambassador of the United States of America visited Yerevan Zoo

The Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Armenia, Mr. John Heffern visited the Yerevan Zoo with his wife on August 25th for the first time. He was very impressed by the changes taking place here. The Ambassador’s next visit to the Zoo was on September 4th, when he filmed the next episode of his video blog, and shared his impressions with the public on camera.


President's Visit to Yerevan Zoo

On June 1st  thousands of children came to the zoo with their parents and grandparents to enjoy the colorful and festive events, dedicated to the International Children’s Day. Yerevan Zoo also hosted the President of the Republic of Armenia Serj Sargsyan with his daughter and granddaughter on this special day.



1st of June Present by the Mayor


On May 1st Yerevan Zoo officially reopened its visiting season with songs, dances, beloved children's cartoon characters, theatrical performances and a good mood.


"I congratulate you all for this fantastic event and this holiday”, said Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan who made a tour of the Zoo accompanied by Yerevan Zoo director Ruben Khachatryan. As he finished the tour the mayor stressed that because of the attention of the new director and his efforts during the last year "there are obvious and huge positive changes at Yerevan Zoo.”

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