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Yerevan Zoo Partners

Ministry of Nature Protection

The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC)

FPWC was established in 2002 with the primary aim to raise local and international awareness for the preservation of Armenia’s unique natural heritage. Since 2011 FPWC implements the project “FPWC for Yerevan Zoo”. An agreement between the Zoo and FPWC determines that FPWC is responsible to implement programs supporting the transformation of Yerevan Zoo into a facility dedicated to animal welfare, education and nature protection.  The transformation is the first step in FPWC’s far-sighted goal of establishing in Armenia a “National Center for Environmental Education and Biodiversity Conservation”. FPWC proposed the concept for the Center already in 2009 with the aim of developing a hub for educational endeavors and innovative policies for Nature Conservation in Armenia. 

Natura ARTIS Magistra, the Royal Zoo in Amsterdam

Artis Zoo in Amsterdam acts as the main partner in the transformation process of Yerevan Zoo.  Artis contributes to the improvement of Yerevan Zoo in many fields ranging from veterinary care to animal enrichment. Artis also supports a group of international experts - among them Bernard Harrison, world famous zoo designer and former Director of Singapore Zoo - who work on the development of a new Master Plan for Yerevan Zoo. The members of the group visit Yerevan Zoo regular in order to overlook the transformation process. The experts drafted a map of the new zoo encompassing the whole territory taking into consideration its specific landscape features. The new zoo will include an area for Eco-Leisure (hiking, horse-riding, birding) as well as educative institutions like a Zoo School and a scientific institute. Finally Artis Zoo is supporting Yerevan Zoo’s probation candidacy for the membership in the European Association of Zoo and Aquaria (EAZA).  

The Luys Foundation

The Luys Foundation has been founded by Serzh Sargsyan, President of the Republic of Armenia. The mission of the Luys Foundation is to create a social institution that will foster positive cultural, academic, business and social change in Armenia by raising the level of education and sense of purpose of the Armenian youth and building an infrastructure of new institutions, programs and relationships within Armenia to support this change. The Luys Foundation supports the transformation of Yerevan Zoo by contributing to the construction of a new Tiger enclosure. This enclosure will match all international zoological standards of animal welfare, security and design. The new enclosure will surely attract thousands of visitors from Armenia and abroad who will have the pleasure to observe the majestic Amur tigers of Yerevan Zoo in a natural environment. 


VivaCell-MTS is the general partner of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets and contributes on many levels to FPWC’s project for the transformation of Yerevan Zoo. In Armenia VivaCell-MTS is a role model in corporate responsibility in particular in the fields of education and environment. In Yerevan Zoo VivaCell-MTS provides for all visitors the fastest public WiFi net in Armenia. Moreover all educational activities and events in Yerevan Zoo are a jointly organized by FPWC and VivaCell-MTS.

Grand Candy

Grand Candy is the largest manufacturer of confectionary products and the only factory in the Trans-Caucasus region processing cocoa beans. Grand Candy has adopted the elephant “Grand” in Yerevan Zoo and supports his welfare on a long term basis. The company contributed to the installation of an urgently needed central heating system in the Elephant house. Grand Candy has also joined the efforts to improve the living conditions of the elephant with an animal enrichment program and high quality veterinary care.  

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Armenia

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Armenia (Coca-Cola HBC Armenia) is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company which has operations in 28 countries. Established in 1995, it is the sole authorized bottler of products of The Coca-Cola Company in Armenia.  Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Armenia supports the Zoo Eco-club. This club offers children and youth the opportunity to meet every week. Supervised by FPWC experts the Zoo Eco-club members gain hands-on environmental experiences including for example waste recycling, animal welfare and healthy lifestyle.  By maintaining a corporate adoption of two bears Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Armenia also contributes directly to the improvement of animal welfare in Yerevan Zoo. 

HSBC Bank Armenia

HSBC is a leading bank in international and emerging markets. In Armenia HSBC supports on a long term basis projects addressing educational, environmental and social issues. To the transformation of Yerevan Zoo HSBC has contributed with the construction of a Zoo Bus station in Yerevan City Center which will offer the visitors the opportunity to reach the zoo with an environmental friendly public transportation. HSBC will also contribute to the operation of the special Zoo Bus. This bus will not only commute regularly between the city center and the zoo but also serve to transport school classes and other children groups to the zoo safely. HSBC bank also supports the improvement of Yerevan Zoo by supporting tree plantings in the area. 

Senator Casino

On behalf of Senator Casino the owner of the leisure facility prominent businessman Vardan Balayan adopted a little lion born in Yerevan Zoo. Senator Casino also contributes with regular donations to the Zoo as a part of the revenues of a slot machine at the casino is provided to the welfare of the Yerevan Zoo lions.

ALERTIS Fund for Bear and Nature Conservation

The Dutch organization Alertis Fund for Bear and Nature Conservation contributes to the construction of a Large Bear Enclosure in Yerevan Zoo. Currently in Armenia approx. 30 Caucasian brown bears are kept by private owners under very poor conditions. The bears are used to attract customers to restaurants, gas stations and shops. These bears are mostly caught in the wild. A spacious semi-natural enclosure embedded in Yerevan Zoo will provide an opportunity for these bears to have a dignified life. Yerevan Zoo is an ideal location as it not only offers enough space for a Large Bear Enclosure (6 hectares forested area can be used for the cause) but can also be used as an educative platform to reach out to the Armenian society with an educative pro-bear approach.