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Little Zoo friends

Savannah's Hope


Savannah Minassian is one of the Yerevan Zoo adopters. She lives in the United States with her family, but the bridge separating her from the Homeland has not been able to keep this girl away from Armenia. Even though she lives thousands of miles away, Savannah has decided to help the animals of the Yerevan Zoo. This 11-year-old adopted the wolf named “Houys” last year. A little later she adopted the Caracal along with her classmates. This little girl loves animals very much; she even has dogs in the house as pets. Now the girl found a new way to express her love for animals. www.yerezoo.com  is Savannah’s new web-site. Visit and see the animal kingdom created by this little girl.

A little Zoo friend's blog

The first hero of Animal Adoption project is Levon, who is 7 years old. In his personal blog he tells about his beloved animal. 
Dear children, read and see how Levon spends his time with his little Kuska.

"So we went to my lama,he came from upstairs. I got acquainted with my Lama. It turned out that my lama was female. I was thinking how to call him and decided to call him Kuska. During our acquaintance Kuska touched my nose :)) 
And later he sneezed on me and I told him “ Bless you Kuska’’ and then he kissed me on my cheek for one time."