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Dear Visitors,

We would like to inform you that Yerevan Zoo will be closed until May 1 due to construction works in the area. 




Enrichment for Animals at the Zoo

To ensure animal welfare and help them develop natural behaviors as they would in the wild, Yerevan Zoo has organized a set of enrichment activities and programs. Enrichment has both physical and mental components, it is also...[more]


The Hyena and the Swing

What happens when something out of the ordinary appears in the daily life of the Hyena? For example, if the Hyena sees that a swing is hanging in its open enclosure, there is little chance that it will pay attention even to its...[more]


The Red-Eared Slider: Not Always Slow Moving

As unexpected as it is, the hero of this video is the red-eared slider moving swiftly among the fishes. This one received its name from the big red dot under its eye. The red-eared slider is sharing this aquarium with the Spotted...[more]


Dear Visitors, We would like to inform you that Yerevan Zoo will be closed from February 4th to February 6th due to construction works in the area.  On February 7, the zoo will be open during its normal hours from 10am to...[more]


Yerevan Zoo: A Venue for Inclusive Education

There are not many schools in Armenia which have curriculums designed for inclusive classrooms where children of all abilities learn together. But for those that do, Yerevan Zoo has become a venue for enhancing education,...[more]

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