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Meercat, Ring-Tailed Lemur and Nile Crocodile Adopted

Three animals of Yerevan Zoo were adopted on August 3 by Tanielian family. After getting their certificates Tanielian brothers met the zookeepers directly working with their adoptees, and, accompanied by them, took part in the feeding sessions. 

Varuzhan H. Tanielian has adopted one of the meercats (Suricata suricatta) of Yerevan Zoo. The 10 years old Varuzhan named the meercat Tyranozaur.  Daniel H. Tanielian chose to take care of one of the 5 ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta)   of the zoo. The lemur’s name is now Yervand. And Varuzhan O. Tanielian is the zoo parent of one of the Nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus).


Animal Adoption is a unique way to support the animals in Yerevan Zoo. If you are interested to adopt an animal, please follow this link



When the Joy Doubles: Ice Cream Day at Yerevan Zoo

September 5 promises a bright celebration of colors and flavor – the traditional Ice Cream Day will take place at Yerevan Zoo. Everybody is invited to enjoy the festal music, various games, competitions and, of course, а lot of...[more]


In second time "Dream Night" was held in yerevan zoo.

"Dream Night" is the second annual event it took place on June 26, In "Yerevan Summer 2015" three-month program of Yerevan Municipaity. Dozens of children with special needs and their families were welcomed...[more]


The Hyena and the Swing

What happens when something out of the ordinary appears in the daily life of the Hyena? For example, if the Hyena sees that a swing is hanging in its open enclosure, there is little chance that it will pay attention even to its...[more]


The Red-Eared Slider: Not Always Slow Moving

As unexpected as it is, the hero of this video is the red-eared slider moving swiftly among the fishes. This one received its name from the big red dot under its eye. The red-eared slider is sharing this aquarium with the Spotted...[more]


Dear Visitors, We would like to inform you that Yerevan Zoo will be closed from February 4th to February 6th due to construction works in the area.  On February 7, the zoo will be open during its normal hours from 10am to...[more]

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