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Welcome to Yerevan Zoo

Grand Junior’s ‘Housewarming’ on July 12

On July 12 the visitors of Yerevan Zoo will be the first to greet the Grand Junior elephant having just arrived from Tbilisi.

The new Asian Elephant of the Yerevan Zoo is 7 years old: the young male was born in Tbilisi Zoo in December 2007.

Yerevan Zoo spared no effort in restructuring the enclosure for Grand Junior and making it more comfortable for him. The elephant’s new house will have a mud pool and occupational variables. 

The charming and jovial young boy is sure to win the hearts of Yerevan Zoo visitors at first sight!



On June 28 Yerevan Zoo will be open for its visitors from 09:30 until 16:00

On June 28 Yerevan Zoo will be open for its visitors from 09:30 until 16:00. On that day a private event under the headline "Dreamnight in Yerevan Zoo" will be held in Yerevan Zoo.  More than 60 chronically ill and...[more]


Good bye Grant senior, welcome Grant junior!

In a spectacular logistic operation Yerevan Zoo’s very much beloved elephant Grant was transported to Tbilisi Zoo on June 11th. The transport has been supported by “DHL Unitrans” and was long hand before prepared by Tobias...[more]


A new view on Yerevan Zoo’s Barbary sheep

There are three Barbary Sheep (Ammotragus lervia) in Yerevan Zoo, one male and two females. These animals are coming from North Africa living in deserts, semi-deserts, rocky areas and canyons. They are great climbers and more...[more]


An event dedicated to the World Environment Day was held in Yerevan Zoo

On June 5th Yerevan Zoo celebrated World Environment Day in the frames of the  "Yerevan Summer 2014" three-month-project implemented by Yerevan Municipality. The event was organized by the Yerevan Zoo in...[more]


Yerevan Zoo was full of surprises on June 1, International Children’s Day

On June 1st Yerevan Zoo opened its doors from early morning and the events started at 10:00. As it is already a tradition on Children’s Day the entrance to Yerevan Zoo was free for children under 16. The little visitors were...[more]

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