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The Hyena and the Swing

What happens when something out of the ordinary appears in the daily life of the Hyena? For example, if the Hyena sees that a swing is hanging in its open enclosure, there is little chance that it will pay attention even to its...[more]


The Red-Eared Slider: Not Always Slow Moving

As unexpected as it is, the hero of this video is the red-eared slider moving swiftly among the fishes. This one received its name from the big red dot under its eye. The red-eared slider is sharing this aquarium with the Spotted...[more]


The trapped bear in Artavan

On August 28th at 8 o’clock in the morning a phone call from the Ministry of Emergency reached Yerevan Zoo with the urgent request to join an unusual rescue mission in the village Artavan near Vaik. In this remote village – so...[more]


pumpkin day


Elephant Training in Yerevan Zoo

This summer and with the support of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), Yerevan Zoo has invited experts from the European Elephant Group (EEG), who in short period of time have taught the...[more]


Ice Cream Day on August 4th.

Yerevan Zoo invites everybody to celebrate the warmth and sweetness of Summer. In a colorful summer mood Yerevan Zoo therefore declares August 4th as “Ice Cream Day” starting at 16:00pm. A very happy day is waiting for you...[more]


Yerevan Zoo Animals play with Boomer Balls

Lately Yerevan Zoo has acquired eight so called Boomer Balls from abroad for the Zoo animals. These special balls serve as toys for the Asian Elephant, Siberian Tiger, Lynx, Leopard, Hippopotamus, Bear and other animals. The...[more]

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