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Yerevan Zoo RulesԿենդանաբանական այգու կանոնները

Zoo Rules

To make your trip Yerevan Zoo memorable and comfortable here are some safety tips and advices:

·       Don’t leave your kids without attention and control

·       Don’t climb up the barriers

·       Don’t enter the enclosures and cages

·       Don't share your food with the animals

·       Don’t throw things to animals

·       Do not make noise around the animals

·       Do not enter the Zoo with your pets

·       Do not break tree branches, neither pick flowers

·       Do not use alcohol

·       Do not throw your garbage. There are waste bins in the Zoo 

·       Do not take photos with flash

If you are ever in doubt or need help, please do not hesitate to approach any of our uniformed staff members or the security around the Zoo.


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