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Zoo Kids

Khosrov Game

"Khosrov Reserve is one of the most picturesque sites in Armenia with unique flora and fauna. But the merciless attitude of the people would have turned this thick forest into a dump by 2005: trees were cut, poachers hunted the animals into cages, and garbage appeared in the whole forest; now the poachers are masters of this place."

Now You have an important mission – restore the once prosperous forest.

You’ll have five minutes to do that. First of all you should collect the garbage, arrest the poachers, then plant trees, and liberate unique animals of Khosrov reserve, that is, the Bezoar goats, leopards, mouflons, bears, and lynxes. Then you’ll meet an angel on your way who will try you and ask some questions. You should answer them correctly in order to save the forest.

So, go ahead, to Khosrov forest that waits for You and trusts You.