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Yerevan Zoo Press Policy

The Yerevan Zoo management appreciates the interest of the press in its activities very much and is committed to a strict code of conduct of transparency. We respect free media and understand the representatives of the press as our partners in the transformation process of Yerevan Zoo.

To serve the media in the best possible way we herewith want to inform you about some regulations which will help you to get access to reliable and approved information from Yerevan Zoo.

General requests for information:

All requests from press will be answered timely and as quick as possible. On working days (Monday to Friday) our press team is at your disposal and ready to answer your inquiries in most cases on the same day. Please accept that if you have many questions which need a deeper research before we can answer in an appropriate way the press team might need more than one day. In such cases we will inform you how much time it needs to answer your questions. To guarantee that all press requests can be handled timely we kindly ask you to send us your questions in written from by mail to:

We ask for your kind attention for the fact that neither the members of our press team nor the zoo employees are authorized to answer questions by phone. In order to avoid any misunderstandings and misinformation questions from the press are only accepted in written form and answered in the same way. As soon as we receive your mail we will process your request and answer in due time. You will receive our answer by mail and can rely that all information given to you is proven and the source is clearly marked.

Filming permits:

If you want to film in Yerevan Zoo you can do this only if you submit an application for a filming permit in advance. This application can be filled online. After receipt of your application our press team will process your request and come back to you as soon as possible. We will do our best to serve you in due time. On all working days (Monday to Friday) we will try to offer you an appointment for filming on the same day. Film permissions are in general restricted to 60 minutes. Due to security issues no camera team is allowed to work in the zoo without being accompanied by a member of the Yerevan Zoo press team. Please be aware that the filming permit does not include the permission to interview zoo employees. If you want to speak to our staff please send an additional interview request.

In case you want to film in Yerevan Zoo for a documentary, a fiction film or any other film exceeding 10 minutes please send a mail to our press team. Don’t forget to describe clearly the topic of your film project and name the commissioning media or production company.

Interview requests:

If you want to interview a Yerevan Zoo employee or the Yerevan Zoo director you have to fill in an interview request. This form can be filled online. We ask for your kind understanding that interviews cannot be granted on the same day of the request as they have to be synchronized with the employees work plans. But our press team will try everything to arrange an interview for you as quick as possible after receipt of your request.

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