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Yerevan Zoo offers new opportunities to observe natural animal behavior

Animals in captivity often lack the possibilities to display their natural behaviors as hunting, playing and social interaction. This lack makes not only the animal’s live boring and often miserable but also deprives the visitors of the chance to learn real facts about wildlife and get a vivid insight in the fascinating world of animals.

With the launch of a new animal presentation program Yerevan Zoo intends first of all to enrich the zoo animals live, improve animal welfare and prevent stereotyping behavior. At the same time the program will offer the visitors exciting encounters with wild animals for example during the regular feeding presentations. These presentations imitate the natural way animals hunt or search for their food. In nature most animals have to invest a lot of effort in getting their daily calorie supply. So during the presentations the visitors can for example observe the bears searching for hidden fruits and vegetables which are prepared for them in a frozen ice cube. The tigers even will have to “fight” for their meat as it will be fixed to ropes which will not be easy to catch.

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