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Announcement about signing a contract



(Published according to the article 9 of the RA Law on Procurements )

The code for the simplified procedure is ԿԱ-ՊԸԱՇՁԲ-12/01

“EMH Construction” CSC, «Eldogar» Ltd. and «Amaras - Jus» Ltd. submitted applications for simplified prosedure coded ԿԱ-ՊԸԱՇՁԲ-12/0.

According to the decision made on September 19th by the committee of ԿԱ-ՊԸԱՇՁԲ-12/01coded simplified procedure

·         The applications submitted by “EMH Construction” CSC and «Eldogar» Ltd. were sufficient

·         In the application submitted by “Amaras-Jus ” Ltd. the appendixes 2.1-2.5 determined by the simplified procedure were missing (the announcements about the accordence of professional acctivities with those provided in the contract, about the contract implemented by the applicant in the previous period, about the availability of technical equipments for implementing the contract, about the sufficient financial means  and the sufficient labour resources for implementing the contract) as well as other documents concerning them.

On 19th September, 2009, according to the RA Law on Procurements the Evaluation Committee decided to announce “EMH Construction” CSC a chosen participant of the simplified procedure as it had a sufficient application and the most economically beneficial financial proposals.

According to the RA Legislation a procurement contract will be concluded with the chosen participant.

According to the article 9 of the RA law on procurements, a 5-day inactivity period is determined from the day of publishing this announcement in the “Electronic directory of procurements”.

The contract will be signed by the client after the termination of the inactivity period determined in the article 9 of the RA law on procurements.

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