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How to provide first aid and use an antidote in case of a snake bite

Lately, Yerevan Zoo hosted the leading professor of toxicology in the Republic of Armenia, Mikael Gabrielyan, who held the first training course concerning the antidote that Yerevan Zoo has recently obtained. “The aim of my visit was to introduce the zoo workers how to keep the antidote and the rights ways to inject it.  By the way, I’d like to mention, that the workers are quiet well informed about this issue” – stated Mr. Gabrielyan in his speech. The right treatment on time can considerably decrease the effects of the adder bit, approximately to 25-30%.

The veterinary of the Yerevan Zoo, Harutyan Hovhannisyan, also believes such trainings to be important: “If needed, our workers already know how to provide the first aid and the methods how to use the antidote in a right way. Referring to scorpion bits, it turns out that these can be as dangerous as the bite of Lebetine viper (Macrovipera lebetina) and Armenian mountain viper (Vipera Raddei) and the worst part is that Armenia does not have the scorpion antidote. Wether it is a white or a black scorpion bite the victim must be taken to hospital immediately”. 

Unfortunately, Prof. Mikael Gabrielyan says, that currently people keep fighting against snake bites by tying hardly and burning the bitten place, instead of fixing the affected, sucking the poison and taking the victim to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Mr. Gabrielyan also advises not to panic, when you see a snake, as only 2 species in Armenia are toxic: Macrovipera lebetina and Vipera Raddei. Other snakes are not so dangerous.

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