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Information for Zoo Visitors

Please be advised that the Zoo will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m. daily (on Mondays since 11:00a.m.). The Ticket office is open until 19:00p.m. Due to the ongoing construction at the Yerevan Zoo, partial areas and exhibits will be closed to visitors since April 1st, 2017. The construction works are carried out within the 2nd phase of the Yerevan Zoo’s Renovation and Improvement Project launched in 2014. The project is being funded by Yerevan Municipality. [more]


How Much Oat Eats a Deer per Day?

On March 22nd, an unusual outdoor lesson was held with the schoolchildren of Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educomplex and their Math teacher. The initiator of the visit, teacher Hasmik Babayan created an educational game- «Animals in Numbers & Figures» «I wanted to show my pupils that Math is not summed up in a classbook only, but it will accompany them throughout all of their lives. Thus I decided to create a quiz which can show them the links of Math and other fields at their fav place in the city-the Yerevan Zoo»,-says she. First, the schoolchildren of 7th grade had a tour in the Zoo to get acquainted with all the animals and learned how frequent the animal keepers are applying math during their daily wor.k After the tour the pupils were given a task to calculate how much oat a deer eats a day and how much food all the deer's will need during 30 days in April considering illnesses, healt...[more]


The Competition of Zoologists

On March 10th, an intellectual contest devoted to wildlife was organized in Yerevan N 198 high school initiated by the members of a school group named “Virtual Zoo”. Since 2011, “The Virtual Zoo” group is run at High School N 198 and is meant to deepen the non-formal knowledge in the field of conservation and strengthen their bonds with nature. All the results and data obtained by pupils are being summarized in the Yamer- virtual platform, which enhances schoolchildren to practice their skills and knowledge in the IT field as well. Since the date of its establishment, the Virtual Zoo is actively cooperating with the Yerevan Zoo. “Our cooperation with the Zoo lasts already for 15 years”,-says the School Deputy, a biologist Nvart Hovsepyan.-The Zoo has always been a great environment for us to deepen the schoolchildren’s knowledge about wildlife and provide additional platform for non–fo...[more]


New Working Hours

 Dear visitors, from March 13 the tickets will be sold from 10 am until 6 pm, and the visitors can stay in the Zoo area until 7 pm.[more]

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