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The Zoo’s Winter Schedule

Contrary to widespread beliefs that the Yerevan Zoo is closed for visitors during winter, in fact it never closes down, even during harsh winter season. Regardless of weather conditions and official working schedules, animal keepers and specialized staff work tirelessly every day to ensure animals’ welfare is achieved, whilst May 1st is traditionally the Zoo’s Official Season Opening. Other visitors are convinced that animals are not displayed during winter at all. Whilst, in its large sense, this is true for the exotic species, only 17 species out of total 148 are not being exhibited during cold months, among them 6 primates, 6 parrots, 2 tortoises, the Patagonian Mara, the Asian elephant and the Hippo. A range of exotic to Armenia species, including the jaguar, the crocodiles, the lemurs and meerkats are spending winter in their winter houses, as, given their biological needs, they ...[more]

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