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Autumn working hours

Dear visitors, from October 1 the tickets will be sold from 9 am until 7 pm, and the visitors can stay in the Zoo area until 8 pm.[more]


On the Virtual Crossroad With the Reality

We are glad to announce that the Yerevan zoo established a cooperation with the club “Virtual Zoo” operating at school N 198 in Yerevan, The club “Virtual Zoo” is set to deepen the knowledge of ecology and biology of the pupils through non-formal education, as well as strengthen their bonds with the nature and wildlife. All works carried out in the club are later summarized in a virtual platform which creates a nice environment for schoolchildren to apply all their skills and knowledge in practice. By the initiative of Marine Apresyan, the head of the club, the Virtual Club is cooperating with the Yerevan Zoo since the date of its establishment. The club attendees are the pupils of the 10th grade, so every year the club welcomes new members. Around 20 schoolchildren are involved in the works for 2016-2017. They have visited the Zoo on August 14th for the first time and later will hav...[more]


The Second Phase of the Yerevan Zoo's Reconstruction Plan Launched

The 1st stage of the Yerevan Zoo's reconstruction and improvement plan, funded by Yerevan Municipality, was launched back in 2014, and the 2nd stage has started just a few weeks ago, in August 2016. The tangible results of the renovation after 2014 were visible to the public already in June 2015, after the first reconstruction phase was completed. By the initiative of the Yerevan Municipality and in partnership with international experts and field specialists, the development of the working plan and the design of the new enclosures planned under Phase 2 have been completed, and construction was launched a few weeks ago. The main works within the frames of the Phase 2 include the construction and expansion of the Bears & Wolves enclosure, African lion's enclosure, new aviary for the birds of prey, as well as establishment of a new quarantine center in the Zoo. As per the 2nd p...[more]

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