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The Children of Artsakh at Yerevan Zoo

On June 28th, within the frames of the Municipality project “Yerevan Summer 2016”, the Yerevan Zoo hosted 30 children of the military soldiers who has been killed on the frontline during April war on the border. The summer holidays in Yerevan were organized by the NGO “Motherhood” operating in Naghorno-Kharabagh. In order to make the visit to Yerevan more interesting and memorable, a tour has been organized to the Yerevan Zoo with the support of the Mayor of Yerevan, Taron Margaryan. This was the first visit to the Yerevan Zoo for the majority of children: they had a nice tour in the zoo and fed their favorite animals. More information about Yerevan holidays of Artsakh children is available on the official website of Yerevan Municipality. Photos ​courtesy of the Information and Public Relations Department of the Yerevan Municipality[more]


The Yerevan Zoo Supports the Refugees

Within the frames of Armenian local project Integration Through Education around 50 Syrian Armenian refuges have visited the Yerevan Zoo on June 25th. The program is being implemented in cooperation with KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation and UNHCR. The Yerevan Zoo has joined this initiative by providing free of charge entrance and a guided tour for the project participants. The head of the Refugee Integration through Education Program, Marine Tunyan, mentioned that the Zoo is a nice venue for the participants to get to know each other and socialize with their counterparts. During their visit, the Zoo’s guests enjoyed the open air exhibition of the reptiles, had a private guided tour throughout the Zoo, participated at public feedings of the animals and fed the Fallow deers. The representatives of the Armenian Red Cross Society and the State Migration Service have also joined the ...[more]


The Animals Through The Eyes Of Little Painters From Abovyan City

On June 9th , an open air exhibition of art works of the students from Abovyan School of Fine Arts and the Design department of Abovyan State College was held at Yerevan Zoo. The opening of the exhibition was announced by the Deputy of the Abovyan School of Fine Arts Gayane Sargsyan and was attended by the authors, their parents and zoo visitors. Mrs. Sargsyan thanked all the participants and mentioned that this exhibition of works is the contribution of their students to the preservation of local biodiversity and advocated for the protection of animal rights. More than 70 art works of about 60 students aged 5-14 were exhibited at the Zoo. Upon entering the Zoo, apart from the exhibition, the students also drafted some sketches of the animals as instructed by their teachers. The co-organizer of the exhibition Gayane Hovhannisyan and a painting teacher at both schools, says that having...[more]


Emergency Rescuers Learn To Work With Reptiles

From June 6th to 7th the Yerevan Zoo has organized a training for 20 rescuers working at the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) on special techniques of capturing wild animals. he two-day intensive course titled “Finding and neutralizing dangerous animals and first aid” was designed to help the rescuers identify the venomous snakes, lizards and other reptiles and was conducted by the senior specialist of the Terrarium, Karen Martirosyan. The first part of the training course included mostly theory. The participants learned the basics of the snakes’ behavior, peculiarities of their appearance, reactions, identifying techniques and first aid responses in case of emergencies. Although Karen Martirosyan mentions that it is not practically possible to learn absolutely everything about the snakes during the seminar days, he also mentions that this course will be useful for the rescuers ...[more]


Paper & Steel. Bizzare birds exhibited at Yerevan Zoo

On June 2nd, the bird collection of Yerevan Zoo has received around 2 dozens of new and unique bird species. Last year, the pupils of 6th and 7th grades studying at the Yerevan school N 39 made the mentioned birds themselves. The exhibition included more than 2 dozens of samples, with birds constituting the major part. The authors presented their collection themselves and were explaining the reasons why they have chosen that particular species and how they made it to the Zoo staff. The person to blame for making such a collection is the Painting and Technology teacher of the school N 39, Liana Grigoryan. She says that every child and every bird requires individual approach.  «I am always helping them during the process, but there are pupils who have done the 90% of the works themselves and are the authors of multiple birds,-says Liana. Ruben Khachatryan, the Yerevan Zoo ...[more]

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