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Archived News


An Unforgettable Day for the Children of “Pyunik” Armenian Association for the Disabled Charitable NGO

Within “Yerevan Summer 2014" project implemented by Yerevan Municipality, around 50 children from “Pyunik” Armenian Association for the Disabled Charitable NGO visited Yerevan Zoo with their parents. Yerevan Zoo educational center organized a special guided tour in the zoo area. The children had the chance to witness animal feeding shows and were particularly impressed by the presentations of Hippopotamus and Brown Bear. The project manager of “Pyunik” Ruzanna Sargsyan expressed her gratitude to Yerevan Zoo Director Ruben Khachatryan for the warm reception.[more]


Ice Cream Day in Yerevan Zoo

On August 30th, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) and Yerevan Zoo will present an "Ice Cream Day". The event will be held for the third time in Yerevan Zoo and as always will be full of interesting games, "sweet" prizes, and of course plenty of ice cream for only 50 AMD. On Yerevan Zoo’s Ice Cream Day, The entire revenue from the ice cream sale will be donated for the welfare of the animals in Yerevan Zoo. The ice cream will be provided by Ashtarak-Kat CJSC, a leading company of high-quality ice cream.[more]


Երևանի կենդանաբանական այգում մեկնարկվեցին բացօթյա ֆիլմերի ցուցադրությունները:[more]


Press about 5 lemurs in Yerevan Zooի հատվածում[more]


Baby raven enjoys solving puzzles

We are having more and more cases of citizens donating the animals they have found to the Yerevan Zoo. In many cases people turn to us asking to take care of the animals who have suffered as a result of an improper care. The recent case was a month ago when Yerevan Zoo was donated 4 baby Common Ravens (Corvus corax). As the citizen said he had found them in the street and most probably they had fallen down from the tree. The ravens were 1 month old when they were brought to the Zoo and the Zoo employees handled their care right away. One of the ravens is currently under the care of the Zoo chief veterinarian Anna Asaturyan who has named the raven Grig. Only 2 weeks, and the raven was already responding to his name. Grig is already three months old and easily responds to the command "come!". He has also learnt to feed himself and hide the remaining food under the branches and ...[more]

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