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Yerevan Municipality

Yerevan Zoo operates as a public educational institution under the umbrella of Yerevan Municipality. Yerevan Municipality supports the initiative of Yerevan Zoo reconstruction by providing additional funding for reconstruction works according to the new general masterplan of the Yerevan Zooin order to make it an educational structure and attractive place for rest and leisure where the rich flora and fauna of Armenia and the region will be presented. 

Natura ARTIS Magistra, the Royal Zoo in Amsterdam

Artis Zoo in Amsterdam acts as the main partner in the transformation process of Yerevan Zoo.  Artis contributes to the improvement of Yerevan Zoo in many fields ranging from veterinary care to animal enrichment. Artis also supports a group of international experts - among them Bernard Harrison, world famous zoo designer and former Director of Singapore Zoo - who work on the development of a new Master Plan for Yerevan Zoo. The members of the group visit Yerevan Zoo regular in order to overlook the transformation process. The experts drafted a map of the new zoo encompassing the whole territory taking into consideration its specific landscape features. The new zoo will include an area for Eco-Leisure (hiking, horse-riding, birding) as well as educative institutions like a Zoo School and a scientific institute. Finally Artis Zoo is supporting Yerevan Zoo’s probation candidacy for the membership in the European Association of Zoo and Aquaria (EAZA).  


VivaCell-MTS is the general partner of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets and contributes on many levels to FPWC’s project for the transformation of Yerevan Zoo. In Armenia VivaCell-MTS is a role model in corporate responsibility in particular in the fields of education and environment. In Yerevan Zoo VivaCell-MTS provides for all visitors the fastest public WiFi net in Armenia. Moreover all educational activities and events in Yerevan Zoo are a jointly organized by FPWC and VivaCell-MTS.

Bears in Mind

All over the world Bears in Mind supports and initiates projects to protect bears in the wild and help bears in need. At the beginning of 2015, within the frames of successful cooperation, construction of the almost 10 acre ‘Bear Forest’ was started at Yerevan Zoo. Many construction materials, such as mesh wire fences, power generators and electric fencing were donated with the help of Bears in Mind to provide a natural environment for Armenian bears

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