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Zoo Magazine

Do you know that Yerevan Zoo has a new friend?

Name: Zoo, surname: Jaylamyan (Armenian for “Ostrich”). This is the main hero of the Yerevan Zoo magazine. The new magazine for children age 6 – 14 is published from now on by Yerevan Zoo every second month.

The Magazine aims to raise in children attention, love, and care towards the world around them as well as to explore, recognize, and identify nature and animals. Moreover the magazine teaches how to care and clean the environment. The Magazine’s little readers will regularly receive information about the Zoo’s inhabitants, the adventures of Ekolo, and the relationship between animal adopters and “their” animals.

The first issue of the Magazine has already been published and the entire design addresses children between 6 and 14 years. Last week the members of Yerevan Zoo Eco-club were introduced to Zoo – the magazine’s main funny character. The children were sharing their opinions, likes and dislikes about the magazine. Here you can read the opinions of the Yerevan-Zoo Eco-club members about the magazine.

Elen Mikayelyan,Yerevan Zoo Eco-club member (age: 12)

“I’ve read the magazine and would like to share my impressions. This is the first time I’ve seen such kind of magazine for children. I liked the information about different animals but mainly I am impressed by the page, which presents our Eco-club and shows how we make recycled paper.”

Grigoryan Erik, Yerevan Zoo Eco-club member (age: 10)

“I mostly liked the character of Ju and the information about animals. I would like to see more information about the animals of the Zoo in the next issue of the magazine.”

Avagyan Areg, Yerevan Zoo Eco-club member (age: 10)

“The part, which tells about the Khosrov Reserve and the page dedicated to the animals of the Red Book are my favorite ones. I would like to find more games in the magazine.”

Norayr Shoghikyan, Yerevan Zoo Eco-club member (age: 11)

“I really liked the character of the Ju. I mostly liked the part of animals; I got a lot of information about Mandrills. There is a lot to learn from the magazine. It would be great to have information about the changes in the Yerevan Zoo each month.”

The new Zoo Magazine also offers a range of games and contests. Moreover, you can also find the recycling and handicraft works of the Eco-club kids and instructions how to make them. Additionally the magazine will publish fairytales and funny stories written by children.

If you have any questions, suggestions and opinions to share, please write at zoomagazine@yerevanzoo.am or call to 55 52 09.